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Welcome to EaglesRest
1250 Hitch Road
Maryville, TN  37804

EaglesRest was originally built as the Family Home for Mike and Melanie White and their two sons, Robert and Stephen, JudyWhite Wilson and her two daughters, Michelle and Stephanie, Bob and KateWhite and Eunice Williams. Eunice and her deceased husband Garfied are the parents of Kate White. Bob and Kate White are the parents of three children, Mike, Steve and Judy. Steve and his wife Courtney live acrosstown in Alcoa.  Judy's deceased husband and father of Michelle and Stephanie was Mark R. Wilson, who was called home to be with the Lord in1996.  Mark's death was caused by Renal Cell Cancer. During that same year Garfield (Eunice Husband) was called home to Heaven having lived 87 yrs and during that same year Bob had to have Open Heart Surgery.

It is out of theses life changing tragedies of death to both Mark and Garfield and Bob's Open Heart Surgery that the idea EaglesRest originated.  Our family has always done everything together (walked through great events of happiness and challenges) and it is only natural that we, the family would choose to build on the family that the Lord has allowed to remain here until He comes for us or we go to Him in our parting.

Land was purchased for EaglesRest in the Spring of 1997 and the foundation was dug in December of 1997.  Mike designed the house and Bob acted as the general contractor for EaglesRest.  Bob had open heart surgery in late summer of  1997.  But by December, Bob was on the job supervising the building of EagleRest.  In late July of 1998, just 8 months later, Bob and Kate sold their home and were the first residents of EaglesRest. Still far from complete, EaglesRest made its transition from house to home to our family.  On October 2, 1998, the rest of the family slept in the house for the first time and this day marked the official designation as EaglesRest, the home of Mike,Melanie, Robert, Stephen, Judy, Michelle, Stephanie, Bob, Kate and Eunice. The name Eaglesrest comes from Isaiah Chapter 40 verse 31 and reflects the commitment of all that live in this home.

On July 1, 2003, Eunice Williams was called home to Heaven to join her husband Garfield. Nana as she was called by all was 94 when she went to be with Jesus. She always reflected confidence and peace that she was sure of her salvation and her eternity with the Lord in Heaven. We who have been left behind live in confidence that one day we will join her, Garfield and Mark in the sky when our Lord Jesus Christ comes to carry us Home. Until that time, as a family we seek to Honor our Lord Jesus Christ in all we do.

In 2008 Robert and Michelle both graduated from college, Robert from UT and Michelle from Maryville College. The blessings continued in 2008 as the Lord blessed the family and Robert with his marriage to Lauren Reece and they moved into their new home here in town. In 2009 the Lord blessed our family again with the marriage of Dwain Coppenger to Judy and once again expanded the number of those of us who live here at Eaglesrest. Then in 2010 the Lord brought Kevin Bailey into our family as he and Michelle were married and they moved into their new home also here in town. Stephen and Stephanie remain offical residents of Eaglesrest as Stephen finishes college @ MTSU and Stephanie - who now has graduated UT works full time at Sevier Heights Baptist Church. S


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